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Have you ever moved, and experienced a “uh… I don’t know why this box is in my room?” moment? Or a wall of boxes preventing you from reading the label you’ve carefully written the previous week? I have a solution for you. Use colour code for your boxes for each of your rooms.

You can tell which box belongs to which room without having the need to read, and from further away. I do recommend having the colours shown on at least 3 sides, preferably 4. Did you know that moving on Weekday Monday-Thursday will save you a significant amount of money as rates are cheaper? Further you move, and more items you move, the more you will save.

Anyone can undo the washing machine taps, however the same cannot be said for lifting up the washing machines. Let the removalists do what they’re good at. Any good removalist will ask you to undo your washing machine taps and dismantle your bed frame. Unplug your white appliances like the washing machine and the fridge, and have the cords and hoses taped on.

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Dismantling bed frames not only save precious truck space but it also makes moving them a lot easier task, so more can be done in less time. Less loading time just means more savings to you. Be sure to empty out your fridge and have it unplugged and ready to go.

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Placing boxes closer to the entrance, or ideally in the garage don’t seem like much, but that is the trick. It’s a small task that will make a big difference. Just imagine that each time a box is to be picked up, you save anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute.

Make sure your parking area or the driveway is vacant, so the movers can park as close to your entrance as possible. You will be saving time on each box and furniture in your home. Your mover will appreciate this move, but if this isn’t enough motivation, think about all the time and money you will be saving.

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The cheapest way to move a short distance is always with the hourly rate system. This system eliminates a lot of the overheads normally incurred with fixed priced moves. Even more, savings can be made by reducing the amount you have your removalists do. At MiniMovers, we give you the total freedom to do as much as you want: the more you do, the lower the cost.

If you want us to, we can take care of your entire move: from having us supply you with quality moving boxes and packing materials, to using our professional packing service, to moving all your goods (including heavy items such as pianos and pool table), to dismantling and reassembling furniture, to disconnecting and reconnecting electrical items, to unpacking your goods after the move.

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You are hiring our equipment, expertise, and labor. Use it where you have to. Take into consideration your physical capabilities and the amount of time you can spare. Good planning and preparation will save you money!Almost everyone underestimates the packing time needed to pack small items. If packing yourself, start well before the moving date and check our hints on packing your small items section.

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Our packing hints are designed to help you pack properly. Remember, our written No-Damage Guarantee does not cover items that you have packed yourself. If you are concerned by this and want your small items covered, then call us and we can send a professional MiniMovers packer, who will pack whatever you need.

Chests of drawers need to have breakable, loose, and heavy items removed. Light clothing may remain. Never tape drawers shut. As a rule, furniture with doors must be emptied. Gas bottles and equipment such as lawnmowers must be empty before we carry them. Lots of small open boxes (that cannot be stacked) take a lot longer to move than goods packed in the boxes of the right size.

Using proper removal boxes will not only help ensure a safe no-damage move, but it also speeds up your move. Moving your small items yourself will reduce MiniMovers moving time. However, doing many trips in a car will end up costing you more than it would to have us move it, especially if you loaded the small items while the MiniMovers crew loaded the larger items.

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Leave drawers in dressers. Every trip to the truck takes time. If you have packed your small items, try and have them near where the truck will park. Blocking entrances means we waste time when we arrive. So make sure to clear access to ensure quick moving. Keeping small children and pets away during the move also helps.

Losing small items, especially keys, is common when moving and is very frustrating. Keep all screws and bolts in bags, and remember where you put them. Put the hose off the washing machine inside the machine. Do not defrost less than one week before moving. Water in the trays causes problems.

We will then load the fridge last, and unload it first. This minimizes the time your goods are out of refrigeration. Leave heavy items (such as pianos, pool tables, large safes, etc) to the experts, MiniMovers. When booking, please let us know about these items. This includes plate glass, paintings, prints, tabletops, and wall unit shelves.

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Never pack plate glass or glass front paintings in boxes. Do not water them for a few days prior to the move. All necessary certificates must be obtained in advance from the correct State department. If possible, siphon out. There is an easy way to do this – check with us.